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Welcome to Leroy's blackjack gambling .This site will cover the basics and then some on the game of blackjack. Topics include history , rules , strategy some advanced strategy ,european no hold card blackjack ,and some fun facts.After reading this site you should feel more comfortable with blackjack as well as gambling in a casino either online or in land based casino.

Blackjack has been around in some form since the 17th century and is either based in Spain or on a French card game called 21 or vingt-et-un.The migration of the French to America brought the game to the United States The simplicity of the game makes it very popular and is one of the most popular of gambling games at casinos today.There are several variations to the game ie. Downtown blackjack or Vegas strip black and there are variations in online blackjack as well.

Vegas Casino Online 4 Blackjack Gambling

Play several types of blackjack at Vegas Casino Online.Here is a overview of the types of blackjack offered.

Blackjack - straight up blackjack

Blackjack Perfect Pairs - Place a sidebet at the start of the round your cards will be the same rank you win a bonus

European Blackjack - The dealer deals his card last

Face Up 21 Blackjack - In Face Up 21 Blackjack , the cards are dealt face up.

Match Play 21 Blackjack - Match Play 21 Blackjack is played with no ten cards.

Pontoon Blackjack - Both of the dealer's cards are dealt face down. In Pontoon a ten and ace automatically wins.

Super 21 Blackjack - Has many combinations that yield great bonuses any 6 card under 21 is a winner for example and the strategy may change for that reason. Join Vegas Online Casino for hot Blackjack Gambling and get a $500 bonus Enter Vegas Casino Online Here

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